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Violet Camouflage Printed Sports Jersey Fabric
Violet Camouflage Printed Sports Jersey Fabric
Violet Camouflage Printed Sports Jersey Fabric
Violet Camouflage Printed Sports Jersey Fabric
Violet Camouflage Printed Sports Jersey Fabric

Violet Camouflage Printed Sports Jersey Fabric

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- Weight: 185 GSM (5.46 OYS);
- Content: 90% Polyester; 10% Spandex;
- Width: 1.4 M (55''; 4.5'; 1.53 Y);
- Sold in continuous pieces (up to 15m) in 1m increments;
- Easy to care;
- Soft to the touch;
- Vibrant colors;

This violet camouflage printed jersey fabric combines the comfort and flexibility of the jersey with the visually striking and distinctive pattern of violet-colored camouflage.

Fabric Type:

  • This fabric is crafted from jersey, a knit fabric known for its softness, stretch, and excellent drape. Jersey is commonly used for casual and comfortable clothing.


  • The predominant color of this particular jersey fabric is violet, which adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the traditional camouflage pattern.

Camouflage Print:

  • The fabric features a camouflage print that incorporates violet hues. Camouflage designs typically mimic patterns found in nature and are often associated with military-inspired aesthetics. In this case, the violet coloration gives the fabric a more fashionable and stylized appearance.


  • Combining the casual comfort of the jersey with the boldness of violet camouflage, this fabric is versatile. It can be used for various garments, including T-shirts, dresses, leggings, or activewear, offering both comfort and a trendy, eye-catching aesthetic.

Visual Appeal:

  • The violet camouflage print adds a touch of intrigue and style to the fabric. The juxtaposition of the vibrant violet with the camouflage pattern creates a visually interesting and contemporary look.

Comfort and Wearability:

  • Jersey fabrics are known for their comfortable wearability, making them suitable for everyday clothing. The stretch and softness of the fabric contribute to a garment that is not only visually appealing but also pleasant to wear.

Fashion Application:

  • This fabric is ideal for creating fashion-forward, casual pieces with a modern edge. It allows for the incorporation of on-trend camouflage patterns while introducing a unique color element with violet tones.

Design Possibilities:

  • Designers and DIY enthusiasts can explore various garment possibilities with this fabric, from statement T-shirts to athleisure wear. The combination of violet and camouflage opens up creative opportunities for stylish and personalized clothing.

In summary, a violet camouflage printed jersey fabric offers a contemporary and fashionable take on traditional camouflage patterns, combining the comfort of jersey with a visually striking color scheme. It is a versatile material suitable for creating a range of trendy and comfortable clothing items.


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